My Year of Living Dangerously  

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I had to show you this... It's my Money Box Glitter Mary!

I picked it up at Borders Books, of all places. I'm not sure why a nice store like that is selling such an irreverent item, but since I'm an incurable Magpie--drawn to anything that sparkles--and just happen to be Catholic, I am totally loving Glitter Mary! I may need to make a glittery shrine so she can stand watch over my studio. Maybe I'll glean some ideas from Jane Wynn or Michael DeMeng. (I was lucky enough to take classes with both of them at Art & Soul Hampton 2007, and love their shrines! They don't use glitter, though...)

Anyway, since it's Sunday, my day started with a quick trip to Church. Today was one of those great days when I felt like the readings were picked just for me. The first one spoke about how precious a good wife is, "She is far more precious than jewels..." Hee! This one always make me laugh, and I have to elbow my husband as if to say, "Yeah, Mister. You should thank your lucky stars for a girl like me!" But the joke is that I am completely aware he's got his hands full with ME, and I'm the one who should thank my lucky stars!

Then the gospel talked about how God will reward us for using the gifts He has given us. (Matthew 25: 14 - 30) No kidding! This year I have reaped the rewards of focusing on my artistic talents and passion for making jewelry. In fact, it was a year ago on Nov. 7 that I resigned as newsletter editor/writer/designer/one-woman show, and began to pursue art as more than a hobby. While it definitely has been a ton of work, I'm amazed at the rewards and pleasures it has given me.

I've set up a legit business. I'm selling my work in galleries and at fairs. And I now have time to take silversmithing classes during the day, which was impossible before. In fact, I actually have a life now! And probably the greatest reward of all has been that I have made so many new friends--lots of them are artists--and we inspire & support each other.

It has been an awesome year! And I love what has happened since I gave in and began using my God-given talents full-time!

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